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Told you I was sick.

Sorry I have not posted for a while. Well this past month has been unreal. Brain MRI, neck and upper spine MRI.
And a bunch of other tests including a spinal tap, which they now call a lumbar puncture. But they could have stopped with the brain. My Dr called it "disturbing". OK let the jokes begin... Anyway I have MS. He said I probably have had it for 20 years. So that explains a whole lot of things. Have not started my treatment yet, but it will include infusions every 28 days. Like a period. Thought I was over that. :) Anyway it is all good.
OK Sorry I have not posted for a while. Decided I WAS depressed a little. My work got new carpet and everything had to be boxed up. What a pain, but I got back in my office on Monday. Last week went to see my Mom. She was not good. Could not hardly walk. Took her to urgent car. Got drugs which she refused to take. Finally did. She is getting forgetful. So it begins. We are going to see Steely Dan Sat night. We don't do stuff like that. Hope it is nice. J we went to Lawrence several weeks ago on Sat and was eating pizza and who I see but you and R walking by! Have been in a lot of pain myself. Knee, back stuff. Old age is not for sissy's. That's all folks.
I did sign up for walk across Kansas again this semester. We made it across for the first time. Yea us. A several of us are continuing to walk. We are in Colorado. I am home sick today. Headache. I am about tired of that. J you made Gumbo? What do you put in that since we are not anywhere near Louisiana? (She asks fearfully.)
Guido ended up having 2 back surgeries. He did too much (going to the Comicon in Lawrence) and had internal bleeding and had to go back in and have that cleaned out. He went beck to work Monday but it has been tough. I am skipping my book club tonight. In a bad mood and have a headache. Been so stressed I have been reading Janet Evanovich books. Brain candy.

oh sorry

Yeah I got a new keyboard. A split one. Could not hardly type on the old regular one. Sorry I missed your Birthday sweet J. Looks like it was nice. I have been dealing with Guido. He is having back surgery Wed. Hopefully the will lessen the pain a little hopefully a lot. Mom is still fussing with the mastectomy and draining issues. Work is the usual crazy busy only more so. Won't get into details that no one cares about including me. Mowed the grass yesterday. I heard on the weather this should be the last time this year. Yea. I signed up for walk across Kansas again. We are on week 2. Hope to lose a few pounds. Have a great week you all.
Going to GB on Monday. Mom's surgery is Tuesday. Not a good time. Everyone is in a bad mood. Friday at work it was just funny. I had a migraine on Thursday so I was feeling grateful Friday to be at work and not sick with that. So it was funny people all pissy. Not a good way to start to semester. So as usual I went around doing my own thing.

Jul. 26th, 2013

Mom's bone scan came back OK. Now we wait for the surgeons apt on Monday. Hard to concentrate. Little cooler for the next few days.
Ha K my hair is not as grey as your chops but only because it is not as even. It comes in patchy but not a good patchy. Just big gray hairs that stick straight out. Not cool at all just ugly making my hair look like a dirty blackboard (for those of you who remember those). A shithook just flew bye. That happens a lot being just a few miles from a reserve unit. Nothing else sounds like them. When they fly right over it rattles the windows.

Jul. 19th, 2013

Mom's cancer came back as an aggressive type. Bone scan today to see if it moved there. Mastectomy is planned. My old Escape died so we got a Honda CrossTour. 3 yeas old but very nice. I miss Big Bertha. I guess they have Ford Escape clubs. I loved that car. This week I took a class to become a Mental Health Fist Aid Initial responder. It is a new program in the US first starting in Australia. My certificate is good for 3 years. Heat index 103 today. Yesterday was an Orange alert ozone day.(One above yellow.) I guess summer is finally here.
Fast weekend. Did not do much. Some cooking, some house work.Went to see Superman. Not good. Again the suits got to it. Not as bad as Iron Man 3 but still a d-. IM3 was a big old F. Gonna be hot this week. Made some earrings. I did get some shots of the supermoon Saturday.
Sat we went to Lawrence to make our rounds. Freddie's for lunch. Stop at Hastings then Hobby Lobby. Next we go to Half Price books but we discovered they closed the day before. So another closing. We went home and had another stop but it was so dark we went directly home. As soon as we got there it hit. Hard rain with wind. The wind blew the roof off a school pool. Guido I and I both felt bad so we did nothing Sunday.



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